Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last day of week one

     Well shit! I have been good all week, keeping myself going and pushing a little harder every day. Keep track of what I eat, keeping track of my exercise and then this happens?  Really?  Went downstairs tonight to do day 3 of C25K and I was feeling pretty good so I decided that I was going to walk a little faster then I was and I was going to run a little faster and longer then even the trainer wanted me to. I was just finishing my last run cycle and the damned treadmill broke. Honestly, it's like whatever I want to do in life something has to come around and fuck it up for me. It's so very frustrating. Anyways, the wife was on Craigslist before we were even back upstairs. There are a couple of treadmills right here in the town where we live and I hope that one of them comes though. I hate to spend the money on a treadmill but I can't stop. If I stop because of this I may not keep going. I need to stay with the highs and forget about the damned treadmill.

     Motivation time and then I have to run, my Bears around about to be on TV which doesn't happen much here in Vermont.

     You need to keep Running Chris, you know why?  Cause your fat enough to break a treadmill.  <-- it's kind of a joke..  one that will keep me going anyways.


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