Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 2.

Day 2,
     I said I wasn't going to do this everyday but here I am.  I have to do something to settle down after a workout. I may as well spend 15 minutes on the computer or so and put down my thoughts for the day and for the exercise. Today was an interesting day. My tummy was rumbling most of the day and it's simply just not happy with the idea that I want to lose weight. I look down at it and tell it tough! My belly, my rules and you will get smaller! So, I got home tonight and we had Tomato soup and that was pretty good. After, the wife and I decided on a yoga to do. Yoga for weight loss what the title of it. It was about 53 minutes long and I was able to almost keep up with it. Turns out, my old life style not only left me fat but I have lost most of my natural flexibility. I could cry about that one thing alone. It's something that I have always had pride about. Now, it's gone. I am sure I can get most of it back but with some of the various injuries I have had I don't think I will ever get it all back. It was good though. I can really find myself want to do it again. I'll work my way up to Julian someday.
     So, that was pretty much it for today. I think I'll start saying one reason why I am doing all this to myself when I post. It will be a good way for me to find some simple motivation at the click of a mouse. So, for tonight here goes.
     Remember why you are putting this strain on your body, it's for the greater good.
     For the next few months your working on yourself more then you thought you would.
     Work harder at this then you have in your life.
     Work to make the jaw drop of your most beautiful wife.
     Let your stresses out or they will come back to haunt you.
     Starting to understand this, what a break though.
     Want the wife to not just look at me with love,
     Want her to remember why she fell for me even though I was undeserving of.

     Wow..  broke out into poem there..  trust me, I will not do that one again. Still, the thoughts in there are true. I love her more today then the first day. I know that sometimes my brain makes more out of something then it should but sometimes it's not that far off. Either way it is what I am thinking. I have made myself a promise that if something pops in that I am going to bring it up with her. If it's not right or I am making too much of it I am going to have to trust her enough to trust me enough to open a dialog about it and tell me I am wrong. Low self-esteem + Fear of exclusion + Fat = a lot of things to work on. I can change. Will I get over all of these things?  I don't know. Will I work on it? You know it.


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  1. And here I was thinking I was the one undeserving to be fallen for... I love you. More and more every day.