Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 8

     Back on the treadmill. For the first time?  Yep, got to run on the new (used) treadmill tonight. Had a good session. The program has changed for week 2 and now has me running 1:30 minutes walking for 2:00. Good intervals and I was able to do it though I must admit that the last run interval I was sucking wind pretty bad. I really am out of shape. Besides that, my ass hurts. That's not all, my hamstrings and my calves hurt. My legs don't like what I am doing to them I suppose. It's all good though, the wife already said she would give me a rub and that should help loosen me up a bit.
     On the food watch, today I was hungry again. I was tired toward the end of the day even taking to sitting in a chair a few times which is not something that I normally do. Is this just because I am tired from lack of sleep or because I am not eating what my body would consider enough. I don't know. I'll chalk it up to just plain tired for a few more days. If I don't snap out of it I'll have to look at bumping my calories up a bit. Wait, no, I won't. I'll have to try and focus on eating the amount of calories I am allowed. Hell, tonight after I logged my workout I have 468 to go. I am going to have to eat a snack of some sort to close the gap a little.

Motivation time:
Your legs are sore, that means that you are doing something. Don't stop. Keep eating well. Your goals will come to you if you help them. You have the support of the most important person in your life. Don't screw that up. If you are feeling tired, look at her. This is enough to make you do anything needed.


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  1. I love you, babe! I'll try to make some sort of energy bar this weekend to try to get some good energy and calories your way.