Friday, November 9, 2012

1st full week of keeping track

Day 3-

     A quick note today, I need to stop writing books here. I mean, I want this to be a bit of a diary/journal for me that I am willing to put out there on the web but damn.. 20 minutes of typing is too much time for me to spend on my computer right now. Just don't wanna.
     Anyways, I did a weigh in tonight and have found that I have lost 6 pounds this week. Some of it may be water, I am willing to admit that but I think most of it is just keeping track of how much food I am putting in my mouth. So, yeah, 6 pounds and a lot more to go. I wonder, will I be able to see my body change or not? I spoke about my low self-esteem yesterday and I really don't want it to get in the way or make me go to far with the weight loss. I'll again, lean on the wife to help me to my conclusion. Did I mention that I am so damned lucky to have her?
     Well, for exercise tonight I did day two of C25K. Tonight, I did way better then the first night. I hit every mark to run and I didn't feel like I was going to die(as much).  The wife was again, at my side riding her bike and when we were done there she came upstairs and did a quick yoga while I took a shower. When I came out and she was almost done I thought that it would have been something cool for me to do as well so perhaps next time I will.
     Simple motivation time.
     I can do this. I have already begun the process. I have already lost 6 pounds without any bad things happening. I know I can do more! I will lose the weight I want to. I will go down in the size of my pants. I have to for my family.

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