Monday, November 26, 2012

11-26-1 2

     Monday...  Egad. It's almost done though. Today was the first day back to work for me in 8 days. It was kind of odd, it kind of felt good to be back at work. I think a lot of it was to get back to my regular routine. I think there is a little part of me that says, ok, first go to work, then go home. Eat. Workout. I think that's what it is. We also had our first snow that stuck to the ground today. All of about an inch. Still, it caused a lot of accidents and the phones where off the hook busy today. I like it busy so about half way though the day I decided on what I wanted to do for a workout. I decided that I was going to do the 3 mile walk from walk away the pounds and I wanted to do a quick yoga afterwards. I sent and e-mail off to the wife and it was agreed on.
     So I got home and could see very easy that the wife is exhausted. She should be in bed right now but it blogging  away. I told her to not worry about working out with me. She said she likes to and all that but I could just tell she doesn't have it in her. Plus she biked most of the way to work and all the way home today so it's not like she needed it. I decided that I could work out while she was reading to our daughter. In went walk away the pounds and to the 3 mile I went. I have to admit, I can understand why the wife says she likes that one so much. It was about 50 minutes long with the cool down and stretching.  However, I did not do the yoga after the walk. I am sore from last nights workout. I admit it. I think a day off is just what the body ordered. Also, tomorrow night I have my dart league so two full days off  of yoga. Wednesday night I will be ready to roll again.
     Running short on time tonight so right to the motivation. Tonight you worked out for the first time since you started this all by yourself and guess what, you did it. You did it just fine. Keep up that attitude and don't while you don't need to over do anything when you feel like you can it's ok to go for it a little. Go for your goal!

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  1. I admit, though I was tired, I wish I had done the 3 mile with you. I love it. I like the pace, and I think it is just a good, high energy walk. And guess what? 3.3 miles is a 5K. ;)