Thursday, December 13, 2012


     Welp, just got off the elliptical and that makes 3 days in a row on it. I am getting stronger and stronger on the elliptical and now that it is set up so that I can adjust it's resistance and the time goes up and is working correctly I am able to tweak my workouts on the fly. For example, last night I did 30 minutes and burned 470 calories. Tonight I did 27 minutes and burned 456 calories. in another 3 minutes I would have gone over the 470 from last night. That's pretty awesome. It means I was working my ass off. The thing I have to remember is that it's not just about burning the calories but getting into shape so I need to sometimes take it a bit easy, relax, and just get my heart in a good zone to make it aerobic.
     The only other thing I wanted to put on here tonight is that tomorrow is going to be a *gulp* weigh in day. I haven't posted any weight this week because of that setback but I need to post it because good, bad, or indifferent it is part of the path that I am on. Even if I haven't lost anything I am in better shape this week then I was last week.
     No motivation tonight. I don't have the motivation for it ;)
One last thing, I have added the wife as a contributor to this blog. Once and a while she will e-mail me something that might interest me and now she can just put it here so that I have it without searching though e-mails. She too can write here if she would like. It's kind of our thing so I wouldn't mind. Not even going to talk to her about that..  she can decide if she wants to or not.

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